HuCART: Month 3 results.

It’s all clear. All good. All what we want.

No leukemia in his spinal fluid.

No leukemia in his bone marrow.

No b-cells in either.

No leukemia in the MRD (minimal residual disease).

Next Gen Sequence is still outstanding but we have no reason to think it will reveal anything. It never has, even after relapse.

I was about to write, “Even since relapse, at least it’s stayed out of his marrow” but I didn’t because it made me recall a convo with a bone marrow relapse mom who upon reflecting on her daughter’s relapse remarked, “at least it’s stayed out of her spinal fluid…” at which point we both just laughed the resigned laugh of relapse parents who find themselves grasping at straws of “at least” without really knowing if any of it matters.

Today, Beau is whole and well and cancer free. And for that, we celebrate.

We will continue to check b-cells in his peripheral blood monthly in Denver, and then return to Philly for the blessed 6-month tests come February. If b-cells appear either in December or January we will have to head to Philly for a “boost” (aka reinfusion and 3 week stay). So we are by no means ‘out of the woods’, but these results guarantee us a Christmas at home as even if b-cells are present at the December appointment, we won’t return to CHOP until after Dec 25th.

This morning his CHOP nurse called to relay the MRD results and she ended the call with, “So, see you In February.” And I responded, “Let it be so.”

Let it be so.

As you celebrate Thanksgiving this week would you please consider praying for our friends Lorin and Will and their daughter Emily. Emily is now inpatient beginning her bone marrow transplant process. Lorin, her mama, will be the donor. The donor process is arduous and will take a lot from Lorin, at a time where she wants to also give her all to Emily.

As we begin a holiday season, so damn lucky to be home, I am holding heavy their family who will spend from now through the new year in the hospital.

Thank you dear friends for being here, for celebrating for Beau, and believing for Emily.

7 thoughts on “HuCART: Month 3 results.”

  1. Praise the LORD! I’m so glad y’all can spend Christmas together at home with so much to rejoice over. May it be a time of sweet blessing and refuge. I have been praying for Emily and Lorin and will now update my list for this bone marrow transplant. What a heaviness for this time of year for them and their family. Thank you for sharing this with us so we can gather together and unite our hearts in pray on their behalf.


  2. Our family has been blessed for now but now I lift my heart and prayers once again to Emily and Lorin and their family.


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