HuCAR T: 18 month follow-up- Half Truths and Tug of War.

I wake-up early and sneak out of the dark hotel room. I make my way to the lobby to enjoy the complimentary coffee and read my book.  If I position myself just right on the couch in the far corner I can be surrounded so completely with eclectic decor that I almost forget why I… Continue reading HuCAR T: 18 month follow-up- Half Truths and Tug of War.

Lemonade & Paparazzi

Our mission is to change the lives of children with cancer through funding impactful research, raising awareness, supporting families and empowering everyone to help cure childhood cancer. Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation Last fall, after our 11th or so flight to Philadelphia, I went to book another round-trip ticket for our upcoming appointment. $749. Yikes. There has… Continue reading Lemonade & Paparazzi

for now, we aren’t running.

We went to bed on Wednesday night resting easy. The news from our last visit was slowly starting to settle. We got the initial results the day of the appointment, but the official "all-clear" came the next afternoon, once I had emailed a casual, freaking out on the inside, email to our team and asked,… Continue reading for now, we aren’t running.

Clear. Colorless. Beautiful Champagne Poke.

Jude woke-up for the first time in weeks without complaint that it was morning. I laid down next to him and showed him the two small, wooden ram figurines that my friend had gifted me after relapse. "These little guys are you and Beau. You are vicious killers," I knocked the rams horns against each… Continue reading Clear. Colorless. Beautiful Champagne Poke.