HuCART Day -3: Weekends are for the country.

This past weekend we set out to find some good ole' nature to dip our toes in after 5 full days in the big city. City life is a trip. It's so hot and so humid and while I am walking around feeling the eagerness of an explorer, I am struck that some people (a… Continue reading HuCART Day -3: Weekends are for the country.

An end of the year “thank-you” note.

This spring I heard a great idea for end of the year teacher gifts. Instead of gifting a coffee gift card or candle, write a letter to the Superintendent and/or principal detailing your gratitude for the teacher. I thought this was just beautiful, but as I brainstormed what I would say about our teachers, I… Continue reading An end of the year “thank-you” note.

Daily Dose: March 16, 2021

In January the boys started attending a local public school. I keep meaning to write on that, update the masses about our pivot from homeschool to public school, but haven't yet. So I will dive right in here to detail how well things are going. Both boys have teachers that are saints. Jude's teacher actually… Continue reading Daily Dose: March 16, 2021