20 months after being diagnosed, 14 months into maintenance therapy, and 4 months from the end of treatment (EOT), a small number of cancerous blasts were found in the spinal fluid sample of Beaudin’s quarterly lumbar puncture.

Because the number of blasts was below the relapse threshold, chemo was administered and a follow-up LP was done one month later. With blasts present in the sample, Beaudin was diagnosed as a CNS only, late-relapse.

Posts on Relapse:

Believe Ball 2022

This weekend we attended the Believe Ball put on by the Emily Whitehead Foundation (EWF). As I have mentioned in previous posts, the EWF is a large part of why we were able to get Beaudin connected with CAR T therapy as a path through relapse. I suppose I shouldn’t say it’s the…

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Rebuilding & reckoning: where to go from here

Sometimes, well most of the time, I start writing exactly where I left off. And by left off, I mean left off of the train of thought in my own head. How is it all you keep up? Alas, you keep coming back. Or something. I don’t even know how many of you…

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We have to get Beaudin a COVID test for his procedures at CHOP. The procedures can happen, positive or not, but if he is positive they have to provide a negative pressure room which is in a different part of the hospital. Normally, we go to Walgreens the day before our flight. But…

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Doing the Damn Thing.

We are back from our one-month Pacific Northwest extravaganza. It was everything we hoped it would be, probably more. But above all the hyperbole, it was truly the break we needed. It was the first time in, well, 3.5 years, when the time I spent thinking about cancer was less than the time…

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Dear Beau, on the day of your port removal,

Dear Beau, Last night you scored the winning run of your baseball game. I cried hot tears as you ran across home plate and into the dugout where your teammates crowded around you, everyone estatic. You struck out earlier in the game and were so down on yourself. The game had been a…

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Same Island, Less Denial

Our trip to Captiva, November 2021. Denial Island hit different this year. Last year we packed up and fled to denial island days after hearing that Beau had most likely relapsed and that we would be spending 28-days inpatient starting December 6th. There is nothing like the threat of a monthlong inpatient hospital…

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