My name is Elizabeth Ruth Alice Burnett Larrabee, but you can call me Betsy.

I use this space to process- hope and sorrow, excitement and disappointment, humility and pride. It’s all woven together, because life is never one or the other; it’s always both/ and.

Recently I am exploring more about what it means to have gratitude while I lament. What it means to hold both, in the same clenched fist.

Mainly, I write because I cannot not write. I used to think this feeling was human, but as I’ve grown more confidant in each of us being uniquely gifted, I have realized that my need to write is like the need to breath and that isn’t shared by all.

If my writing makes you cry, you won’t be the first. I am humbled to know my writing could bring anyone to tears, my hope is that even in the hard, my writing will remind you there is always a silver lining. My friends, sometimes the silver lining is not that it feels good, it is that we are here, sojourning together.

I’d call these some of my best posts, if you want somewhere to begin:

the inevitable nature of snowflakes

The sun wasn’t much past rising. All the snowflakes in the air reflected the light in a way that made it seem later than it was. I walked into the dark kitchen and looked out…

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Dear Beau, on the day of your last L.P.

Dear Beau, When you were diagnosed, one of my biggest worries, for us both, was your fear of needles. You had so much fear over them that even the most simple blood draw would require…

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