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Beaudin L. #1

Beaudin and I waited in line to meet Dr. June. He is one of the brilliant doctors behind CAR T therapy and, as far as Beaudin cares, is a celebrity based on the documentary film we got to view the night before the ball. Many families wanted to meet him and as such short queue…

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To the mom who is about to hear, "It's cancer."

There is so much I want to tell you. And really, I don’t know exactly where to begin. So, like I’ll encourage you from here on out, I am going to just take the next step. Things are about to get hard. Real hard. Like can’t breath, might throw-up, haven’t eaten nor slept in a…

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“Sorry,” is the first step, then “how can I help?”

Unfortunately, in the last couple months two acquaintances have reached out with the same question, “Someone close to me has just found out their child has leukemia. What do I do? What do I say? How can I support them?” This is what you can do. Establish Rank & File Understand who the front line…

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Dear Beau, on the day of your last L.P.

Dear Beau, When you were diagnosed, one of my biggest worries, for us both, was your fear of needles. You had so much fear over them that even the most simple blood draw would require many adults holding your body against your will. Actually, I recall a moment early-on, one of the first times we…

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