Dear Zach. An Update on Beau (& Jude)

Once every six months, or so, I write a letter to the Fellow that Beaudin had during the first 2 years of his treatment. The Fellow moved on from our hospital around when Beaudin began his trial at CHOP. Below is an embellished version of my recent correspondence. I sent a fraction of what is… Continue reading Dear Zach. An Update on Beau (& Jude)

Yet another trip to Philly- Send us

When we were in Philadelphia in August for Beaudin's 12 month post-HUCART tests we discussed with the team the next time we would need to come to Philly. They said that because he hit the 12-month mark without disease recurrence, the next time they would need to see us would be at 18 months (February… Continue reading Yet another trip to Philly- Send us