Dear Beau, on the day of your port removal,

Dear Beau, Last night you scored the winning run of your baseball game. I cried hot tears as you ran across home plate and into the dugout where your teammates crowded around you, everyone estatic. You struck out earlier in the game and were so down on yourself. The game had been a nail biterContinue reading “Dear Beau, on the day of your port removal,”

A birthday doctor’s call

I hadn’t thought through that it would be his birthday when I confirmed the phone call with her. I guess when your son’s doctor says they need to speak to you, you don’t exactly “look at your calendar,” you just clear your schedule. I knew it was going to be about, I thought anyway, butContinue reading “A birthday doctor’s call”

Swiftly Kicked in the Stomach

*This is one of many posts that mentions our sweet friend Emily. I have made a separate category for the times I wrote about her. If you would like to read more about her, please click on the category “Sweet Emily”* This weekend it began- spring sports. Joshua hurried off in one direction with JudeContinue reading “Swiftly Kicked in the Stomach”

HuCART: Month 6 results Part 1

*unedited, sorry for typo’s* Part 1- LP results On Tuesday Beaudin had his 6-month, post HuCART procedures. As you’ll recall, his b-cells retuned in late December and despite returning to Philly and doing a boost in January, continued to come back strong. 6-months was technically February 8th, but because we were hoping the boost wouldContinue reading “HuCART: Month 6 results Part 1”