Nutella flavored medical debt.

You guys out there? You still voting? Honestly, how much longer will this last... well, the email they sent me states that I need to be available end of July for the trip to Palm Springs. Palm Springs in dead of summer. Ohhhh Kayyyy. Hope there's a pool. - A new Costco opened by… Continue reading Nutella flavored medical debt.

Family Meeting, Vote for me.

Ok, family meeting. TLDR (Too long, didn't read): I need you to vote for me to win a contest. Vote below. Or read on for more details because how random is that? We have some items on the agenda. Before we properly begin... hi. It's been a hot minute. And by a hot minute,… Continue reading Family Meeting, Vote for me.

HuCAR T: 18 month follow-up- Living Jude’s Best Life.

Jude watches out the window as the plane gains speed for take-off. "Beau! Beau!" he grabs his arm, "We are about to lift off!" "I know, Jude, I have done this before," Beau says tenderly, but he turns and smiles at me. I told Beau last night that Jude was going to be excited, and… Continue reading HuCAR T: 18 month follow-up- Living Jude’s Best Life.

Lemonade & Paparazzi

Our mission is to change the lives of children with cancer through funding impactful research, raising awareness, supporting families and empowering everyone to help cure childhood cancer. Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation Last fall, after our 11th or so flight to Philadelphia, I went to book another round-trip ticket for our upcoming appointment. $749. Yikes. There has… Continue reading Lemonade & Paparazzi

Dear Zach. An Update on Beau (& Jude)

Once every six months, or so, I write a letter to the Fellow that Beaudin had during the first 2 years of his treatment. The Fellow moved on from our hospital around when Beaudin began his trial at CHOP. Below is an embellished version of my recent correspondence. I sent a fraction of what is… Continue reading Dear Zach. An Update on Beau (& Jude)