We have worked [518 days] without an accident.

For 518 days we have avoided the curious toddler from getting in to the slew of dangerous medical items passing in and out of our house. Vials of blood thinner, injection needles, liquid chemo, pills of steroids, all have passed through our home carefully and escaped the grasps of the toddler. Until the other night.… Continue reading We have worked [518 days] without an accident.

Integrative Choices: Nutrition

Asparagus foraging, a Larrabee family favorite. There are a million and one different ways to help support your child's body while experiencing Leukemia. Ranging from fleeing to Mexico and finding a holistic cancer clinic to indulging on hospital cafeteria milkshakes at every appointment, the choices are vast. You can also spend hours, upon hours, (upon… Continue reading Integrative Choices: Nutrition

What Leukemia looks like now: Day 287 Part Two

Continued from Part One here. Lifestyle: Sauna: 3-4 times a week Beaudin (And Jude) take a 20 minute, 130 deg sauna. We found a like-new, but priced-used (win!) Near-infrared sauna on Craigslist this summer and although it's not the most feng shui piece in our house, neither is cancer. The reasons to sauna are endless… Continue reading What Leukemia looks like now: Day 287 Part Two

What Leukemia looks like now: Day 287 Part One

Today Beaudin is 287 days post-diagnosis. He has 508 days until the end of his treatment and 1,204 days before the medical model will consider him "cured", 5 years post diagnosis. He is on day 43 of his first cycle of Maintenance. He will have 7 cycles culminating in March of 2021. Appointments: Beaudin has… Continue reading What Leukemia looks like now: Day 287 Part One