Integrative Choices: Nutrition

Asparagus foraging, a Larrabee family favorite. There are a million and one different ways to help support your child's body while experiencing Leukemia. Ranging from fleeing to Mexico and finding a holistic cancer clinic to indulging on hospital cafeteria milkshakes at every appointment, the choices are vast. You can also spend hours, upon hours, (upon… Continue reading Integrative Choices: Nutrition

Her 20,000 to our 25.

In the days after Beau's diagnosis, Josh and I would deliver a laundry list of questions and clarifications to the doctors when they came by our hospital room on their daily rounds. One day in particular, Josh asked about the Lumbar Punctures (LP's) that Beau would be getting throughout the course of his treatment. LP's,… Continue reading Her 20,000 to our 25.

A.L.L. Induction- a technical review

Induction is 29 days. It is the first phase of frontline treatment. Frontline is the initial portion of the 2-3 year treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Days Spent Inpatient: Days 1-4 for beginning treatment, Day 7-18 to treat a staph infection. Medical details: 2 Bone Marrow Aspirates1 Permanent Port Placement3 Intrathecal Chemo Doses via Lumbar… Continue reading A.L.L. Induction- a technical review