Just Diagnosed?

So your child was just diagnosed with cancer, now what?

Well, first off, I am glad you are here. Glad in the “I wish desperately that no one ever met me here, but since this is life, I am glad we have, at the very least, each other,” kind of glad.

We will be fast friends because that’s one of the only kind things that cancer gives you: friendship.

Or here are a couple good posts to start with:

Explanation of ALL and COG9032

**since Beau’s diagnosis in January of 2019, the COG9032 protocol has changed and been updated. Current treatment for standard-risk ALL has similar bones, but is not the same. Obviously, duh, rely on what your team says, not me.** Many children…

Dear Beau, on the day of your port removal,

Dear Beau, Last night you scored the winning run of your baseball game. I cried hot tears as you ran across home plate and into the dugout where your teammates crowded around you, everyone estatic. You struck out earlier in…