Yet another trip to Philly- Send us

When we were in Philadelphia in August for Beaudin's 12 month post-HUCART tests we discussed with the team the next time we would need to come to Philly. They said that because he hit the 12-month mark without disease recurrence, the next time they would need to see us would be at 18 months (February… Continue reading Yet another trip to Philly- Send us

The (well?) adjusted sibling- Part 2

Read Part One here. Feeling pretty damn proud of myself right about now. Why, you ask. Oh, well I just stopped my freefall down the black hole of despair. Clawed my way right out. Closed the tab and opened a new one. You see, yesterday I wrote about Selah visiting the hospital and I was… Continue reading The (well?) adjusted sibling- Part 2

The Well-Adjusted Sibling- Part 1

The last time Selah was at the Children's Hospital, she was pulling on every single cord connected to Beaudin's cancer ridden body while the doctor told us that they had finally confirmed it was, in fact, leukemia. She was still nursing and we had been having a grandparent deliver her to the hospital a couple… Continue reading The Well-Adjusted Sibling- Part 1

Only if we help, shall all be saved

Only if we understand, will we care.Only if we care, will we help.Only if we help, shall all be saved.-Jane Goodall A couple of notes for the reader: The Emily Whitehead Foundation was founded in honor of Emily Whitehead, the first pediatric CAR T-cell therapy patient. This Emily, referred to as simply “Emily," is not… Continue reading Only if we help, shall all be saved