Password Protected

Hi all, I just realized that my recently published post, that I published password protected, to share with a few close confidants, was pushed via email to all my subscribers.

Oh what a fun mistake.

It will be published publically eventually. Maybe. Probably. But the contents are messy and hard and implicating, so I just want to be sure that I am publishing the best version of words, from the best version of myself. Anyway, how’s that for anticipation???

Since you’re here. Here is an update.

Homeschooling is going well. I’ve landed on a curriculum, that is good enough. And good enough is the most phenomenal place this enneagram 1 has ever seen. We will make it work, and it won’t be perfect, and every moment of every day I remind myself, it’s all going to be fine.

We sold our minivan. Which is a big deal, mainly because I cried like a baby as she drove away. It deserves a blog post all to itself. She made me a mama just as much as any of my offspring and for that I will absolutely get sentimental over a damn automotive. You can learn all about the mini van saga here.

Beau has been doing great. He is healthy and strong and I couldn’t be more glad to have ZERO medical updates for you.

We went to Great Wolf Lodge last month and loved every minute of it.

And Jude, though he would never admit it, is happier than ever to be at home with Beau and me, all day, everyday. Love that firecracker.

Ok, more later friends, thanks for stopping by!

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