Nasal irrigation and it’s drying rack.

I am here today with two products placements.

The first one is: myself.

Please vote for me, today, here:

I remain, “Currently first in [my] group,” and while I haven’t a clue what ‘my group’ is…. first is always a good place to remain. Seriously though, thanks for voting.

The second product placement is the Naväge.

Everyone. Pause what you are doing. Well, actually finish what you are doing because it may be voting for me here….


Purchase a Naväge.

You guys. It’s wild. It is the only thing holding this cold-ridden family together. I owe all praise of this device to my mother. She recommended it months ago and I, of course, was like, ‘oh no, no mother dear, we have a neti pot.‘ She promised me that the Naväge was different, and I promised her it probably wasn’t. We have a neti pot and I don’t like a bunch of tchotckes around the house. Besides, I feel a lot more chi with a beautiful ceramic neti pot, than whatever the Naväge is with it’s many plastic pieces.

That was until the great cold of March.

A cold that cemented snot so deep and relentless that I wasn’t sure anyone would every breath fully again, and on top of that, we would surely spend the little money we have left after tuition for three kids in private school, on Kleenex.

My LORD the green snot! The RELENTLESS thick mucus. So thick and committed that it laughed in the face of my hand crafted and beautiful neti pot. We would try to neti and literally nothing would come out. It just wouldn’t flow.

Desperate, I called my mom, she brought over her Naväge and WE HAVE NEVER LOOKED BACK.

What is a Naväge? Glad you asked.

It is basically a motorized neti pot that creates a mild injection of saline that goes up one nostril, and then mild suction out the other nostril- the saline passing through your sinus cavity. Whatever comes out, alongside the saline, is collected in a reservoir at the bottom.

Y’ALL it is gratifying in a way that is hard to put words to. When you cannot breath and a neti pot does absolutely nothing, and then you Naväge and produce a reservoir of green snot. A feeling like no other, honestly!!

You can watch a video on how to use the Naväge here if you need more convincing.

A couple things to note:

  • Naväge sells single-use pods filled with saline that you add to the top of the device. They are pricey, and single-use plastic which is dumb. You can rig the system by using one of the plastic pods that is included and then cutting it out to keep the mechanism depressed that only allows the unit to work with a pod. If that is your plan, you can get more specific directions here. (It’s a terrible video, but you get the point. They let anyone on YouTube these days.)
  • If you want to save the environment by saying DOWN WITH SINGLE-USE PLASTIC! you will need to buy your own salt to add to the water (of which I use tap water- though ours is filtered to the great beyond.) You can buy the salt here for a great deal cheaper than that sold at health food stores.
  • This device can go towards FSA/HSA. Or however you’d say that, I still don’t get how that all works and have texted Joshua no less than 37 times, “Which card do I use in [given circumstance]?”

And finally, for the LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY, if you buy a Naväge, please buy the one I linked with the drying rack. When the entire family is sick and you are having everyone use this bad boy, multiple times a day- trying to dry the separate pieces is a pain. Plus when the whole house is a wreck because everyone has been sick for 392 days straight and the kitchen hasn’t been actually cleaned in goodness knows how many days, the parts and pieces of the Naväge all lying about are annoying beyond repair. Ours does not have the drying rack, which I didn’t even know existed until creating this post and let me tell you, I am about to buy another just to get that damn rack.

It’s the simple things.

Ok, love you, bye.

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