HuCART Day +28 results

On Day 28, Beau had a bone marrow biopsy and a lumbar puncture. These tests yield 4 test results:

1.) Review of cells in spinal fluid.

2.) Review of cells in bone marrow. a. Reviewed by pathologist under a microscope. b. Measured for minimal residual disease (MRD).

3.) Check for B-cell aplasia in the bone marrow (which indicates T-cell persistence)

4.) Bone marrow Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)- a sample of bone marrow is compared genetically to the Leukemia positive bone marrow sample from Jan 2019 diagnosis.

Results are slowly dribbling in:

1.) spinal fluid is 💫 CLEAR 💫

2.) a. Pathology review is 💫 CLEAR 💫 b. Still pending.

3.) B-cell aplasia in marrow- verified. This is good because last go round we already had 10% hematagone (immature b-cells) return at Day 28.

4.) Still pending

We are thankful for these results and eager to receive the rest.

That’s all for now. Xx

Headed to clinic for Day 28 testing.

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