HuCART Day +20: Mini golf and school.

As mentioned in our last update, things were pretty hard for a hot minute. The trauma of it all is not helped by siblings being worried about their brother, and their brother crying for them to "go away" every time they come near. After returning from the hospital Beaudin continued to improve, but wanted things… Continue reading HuCART Day +20: Mini golf and school.

An end of the year “thank-you” note.

This spring I heard a great idea for end of the year teacher gifts. Instead of gifting a coffee gift card or candle, write a letter to the Superintendent and/or principal detailing your gratitude for the teacher. I thought this was just beautiful, but as I brainstormed what I would say about our teachers, I… Continue reading An end of the year “thank-you” note.

We have worked [518 days] without an accident.

For 518 days we have avoided the curious toddler from getting in to the slew of dangerous medical items passing in and out of our house. Vials of blood thinner, injection needles, liquid chemo, pills of steroids, all have passed through our home carefully and escaped the grasps of the toddler. Until the other night.… Continue reading We have worked [518 days] without an accident.