A 27-hour road trip. Denver-Philladelphia.

The other day one of my best friends asked if we had made it to Philly, as the night prior I had told her we were leaving for Philly [tomorrow]. My reply, “This questions makes me wonder if you don’t know that we are driving and as such, no, we have not completed the 27 hours drive in the last 24 hours.”

I guess I forgot to tell people we were driving to Philadelphia. Likely because the speaking of that out loud made it true and I am still adjusting to how in the possible world we can be taking 3 kids in a car 2/3 of the way across the country. For cancer treatment. During a pandemic. And not saying it out loud allows me to not comes to terms with it.

Wrong. Because here we are now 21 hours in, at a hotel outside Canton, Ohio.

After weeks of trying to no avail to arrange consistent childcare in Colorado for Jude and Selah, we threw-up our hands and decided we would just travel together to Philadelphia. Between the Delta variant (air travel being less appealing), and having 3 young kids in a big city (needing a car while we are there, and a car-full of things to keep everyone busy, we decided traveling by car would be the most effective. Both to limit exposures, but also to carry with us much more than 2 checked bags, 1 carry on, and one personal item.

Jude and Selah were thrilled to be included on the Great Philadelphia Adventure Part Duex. Selah because she just likes being with her people. Jude because he doesn’t like being left out of his created fantasy that Philadelphia is a land of endless screen time and daily donuts. Joke aside, he also was very excited because he “hates to be away from [me] for so long,” I heard many times through tears at bedtime.

It is crazy to take 3 kids on a road trip fo 27-hours.

It is crazy to break-up your family for 6-weeks.

Pick your crazy.

The choice, in hindsight, was an easy one. But as is the case with all in hindsight “easy” choices, was procured by me kicking and screaming for another way. But once I realized that my “other way!” protest always circled back to “I don’t want to go to Philly at all.” I decided together was best.

Last night, after an 8.5 hour day, which was about .5 hours too long for everyone, we decided to spend the night in Chicago. It was about 40 minutes out of the way, but we wanted something more than a hotel off the interstate experience. It was a great decision. We got a hotel right on the lake, spent the night at Navy Pier and ate delicious pizza and drank delicious cocktails outside our hotel overlooking the lake.

Here are some pictures from our lovely night in Chicago. A time that we will remember forever, an evening of clam in the midst of the stormy sea. Today we drove to Ohio and tomorrow morning we will hit up the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Because when in Rome. or something.

Then, on to Philladelphia. More from the city of brotherly love, later.

3 thoughts on “A 27-hour road trip. Denver-Philladelphia.”

  1. I love hearing where you are, what you are doing, and everything in between. A 27 hour road trip sounds special, indeed. And I love you my friend. Wish I could hop on a plane and come visit.


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