Daily Dose: April 4th, 2021

Yesterday we looked out over the city from the 28th floor of our building and noticed some activity on the Penn softball field. A quick google search informed us they were hosting a double header that afternoon and that quickly became our days activity. Beaudin was so stoked, having watched a couple of collegiate softball games in the last week or so. He remarked as we got ready, “I just can’t believe we are doing this!!!” It was a simple walk from our apartment and though the wind was… brisk… we were able to enjoy the entire game. It is fun to take Beau to such activities because I feel like he has just hit the age where he pays attention the whole time without cajoling. It is not fun sitting in the cold wind and getting texts from Josh, back home in Colorado, about how the whole cul-de-sac was enjoying the 80 deg Colorado sunshine.

After the softball fun, we went and picked up Meemaw from the airport. She will stay for a handful of days and let me tell you, after it being just Beau and me for the last 16 days straight, with no break, straight, just us, always, just us, no break (DO YOU GET MY POINT??) she is a lovely addition to the apartment. Last night was a real rager as she helped us finish a puzzle we had been working on for days, and watched 5 episodes of Diners, Drive-in’s, and Dives (Beaudin’s new favorite.)

Oh, our washing machine had leaked a great deal the past couple times we had used it and when I mentioned it to the front desk we decided that us moving units was the best way to work through all the details of fixing the machine. There was a significant amount of damage that needed to be mitigated. No big deal, just water damage….which for any of you reading since the beginning know seems to be an ironic theme in this story. So, we (I) had to pack-up our entire apartment and move a couple floors down, which was both frustratingly cumbersome and also oddly cathartic.Both/And. You see, the days are *long* here with no ANC and very little to do, and you know I love an organized living space. So there we were: moving apartments and realizing that we have accumulated A LOT MORE than a carry-on and two suitcases each worth of stuff. Luckily, we have 4 more weeks to figure out all that, but it was a nice forced purge none the less. And, in the end, the only other unit they had available was an upgrade from a ‘one bedroom with library’ to a ‘two bedroom, corner suite.’ The silver lining, I suppose.

Beau woke-up this morning and shortly after complained of a mild headache, sure enough his fever was up- around 99deg. We’ve been watching it closely and it seems to be hovering right around 100deg. We don’t have to go in to the hospital until it’s above 100.4 twice in 24 hours, or 101.3 even once. We’d like to avoid the hospital if at all possible, so we are glad for the hovering. If we end up going in, we have to take broad spectrum antibiotics because, even though the fever is a 99% a CarT cell reaction, since he has a port they have to run with the 1% chance that the fever is a central line infection and dose accordingly. Obviously in the scheme of two years of chemo and engineered cells- a round of antibiotics isn’t the worst thing we’ve come by, but alas, who would I be if not someone pushing back against prophylactic antibiotics. It’s also shit sleep and quite a costly event to be inpatient, so there are a slew of reasons we’d rather not. But no doubt, we let his body tell us what needs to happen.

His headache seems to have resolved, though you can tell he just feels kind of out of it. We rented out the cinema room at our apartment and watched a bit of Frozen 2 before he decided that it was hurting his eyes and needed to leave. Back in the apartment now, he is going back and forth between bed and Netflix, not really able to get comfortable either way.

A bit more waiting, more t.v. and luckily, today, a bit of chocolate Easter candy to help pass the time.

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