Daily Dose: March 28th, 2021

A friend yesterday said she was like a plant. She could live without sunshine for a day or two, but then she’d start to wilt. I’d never thought of it, but I’ll claim the same. How lucky we are for the Colorado sunshine. Spring in Philly proves to be a bit different with a solid amount of overcast/ partly cloudy days. However, the couple days when the sun has been shining, the city has come alive in new ways that show everyone’s excitement for the warmth! To enjoy aforementioned sun, yesterday we went to Independence National Historical Park and tossed around a football and played a couple rounds of Uno on the sprawling lawn. This park is one of the larger parks in the city and is surrounded by things like the Liberty bell, the National Constitution Center and the Museum of the American Revolution. Beau did not feel like going to any of the historic attractions in the area, which surprised me because he is very interested in such things. He didn’t feel like it because he is so full of energy that he couldn’t be bothered to consider standing in a long line, to be indoors.

What a good thing! After 4 days of high-dose chemo, he is bouncing off the walls and as such, when I gave him the choice of a museum or a wide open field and a football, surprise, surprise, he choose the latter. It is great to see his energy so high, his body working so well, even if the added energy does make him a bit of an 8-year old pest.

For example, yesterday we swung by Target to purchase a football and saw that the new Dog Man book had been released, obviously he got it. Within 15 minutes, he was singing (screaming?) a very annoying song to the tune of ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star’ all about farts and diarrhea. Dog Man, they love you so, why!?! Anyway, he found himself and his singing to be hilarious, and was singing so loudly and so insistently that the only thing stopping him was his own laughter. Oh, to be 8.

It was annoying, and I loved hearing his giggles echo in the stairwell as we left the parking garage. Both.

This weekend, a dear friend came up to visit from D.C. I have know her since I was, I think we decided on, 12 years old. It has been a very welcome break to have her here with us! She is a real team player- has engaged in countless Uno rounds, feigned amazement about the Among Us video game Beau loves, and even developed a highly complicated secret handshake with Beau. Plus, her and I get to have adult conversations, which is nice, and conversations that don’t center always on cancer, which is nicer still.

One activity we have all really enjoyed is the golf simulator in our building. We have rented it out the last couple of nights, and dare I say, we are all getting the….swing of things! None of us having any hopes of finishing a hole anywhere near par, but it’s a fun way to blow a couple hours. Last night, Beau crushed it 90 yards and we all danced around the room.

It’ll be interesting to see how things progress. Last week Beau was not operating at full capacity on account of the high-dose chemo, however, the last day or so he has had the energy of a, well, 8-year old. There is not a lot to do here in a small apartment, so hopefully the weather holds and we can burn this energy outside…..


Thank you to everyone who has sent us care packages! Wow! I think the front desk knows us by name simply because of our daily package pick-up 🙂 Beaudin has been using everything we’ve gotten including, but not limited to new books, puzzles, legos, drawing supplies, a new stuffie and more! I have very much enjoyed the blender and have made some green smoothies the last couple mornings which has somewhat made up for the 238 donuts I ate last week. Somewhat.

It is a really nice way to break up the day and think about something other than the next appointment, or the next call from the doctor. We are so thankful for you guys taking care of us!

One family got us our favorite game, Dominion, and we have enjoyed playing it before bed many nights! Anything to break up the (endless) screen time! Beaudin has been carrying his new sketchpad around with him and is enjoying creating new comic characters. He used his new colored pencils to mock up a Mario Kart poster.

Thank you for each of the gifts, gift cards, and letters. ❤

I am going to post a separate update on the hospital/care side of things. xx.

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