Canaries in September.

Each September the info graphics start flooding my Facebook feed. As though they finally have an excuse to scream these statistics at the top of their lungs, all my cancer mom friends fill their pages with data on childhood cancer that everyone needs to know. I'm looking at you Jess McKearney, you have brought some… Continue reading Canaries in September.

HuCART Day +20: Mini golf and school.

As mentioned in our last update, things were pretty hard for a hot minute. The trauma of it all is not helped by siblings being worried about their brother, and their brother crying for them to "go away" every time they come near. After returning from the hospital Beaudin continued to improve, but wanted things… Continue reading HuCART Day +20: Mini golf and school.

HuCART Day +5: Hospital overnight and confusion.

The morning after posting the last update we took Beaudin to the ER with a fever and severe headache. The fever had been brewing through the night and finally, come morning, shot up at 101.9 F requiring an immediate trip to the ER. Because of the fever, low counts, and a recent CarT infusion, overnight… Continue reading HuCART Day +5: Hospital overnight and confusion.

HuCART Day +4: Headaches and an orchard.

When Beaudin got CarT back in March, he didn't have any sign of symptom of a reaction until Day +5, at which point, he had a terrible headache and decent fever for about 12 hours. That was it. His inflammation markers (measured in his blood) stayed relatively low, and aside from some uncomfortable hours on… Continue reading HuCART Day +4: Headaches and an orchard.

HuCART Day -4: For the sake of the roadmap to freedom.

A long time ago, back when I thought this would surely, surely!, be a simple and quick, straightforward little leukemia stint, I had an, oh so humble, little thought that I would write about our experience and it would be a roadmap in other people's suffering. It came to me wrapped in an overly emotional… Continue reading HuCART Day -4: For the sake of the roadmap to freedom.