In the early days of Beaudin’s illness, things were very confusing and changed very quickly. We started a CaringBridge page to keep our close friends and family up to date on the specific details. Since the treatment normalized a bit and dulled once we hit maintenance, I stopped updating the page. Then relapse. All over again we had information that was changing as quickly as I could send out the next group text. I started CaringBridge back up again.

I have since decided to combine all my written words, whether they be fact/dates/ data updates or narrative threads, here on the blog. As of January 2021, I do not update CaringBridge. However, I have decided to leave it out active incase someone needs it. I recall when I was a newly disagnosed mama of a cancer kid, how I combed the internet for ANY and ALL experiences I could find. If I had found a CaringBridge, I would have inhaled every single word.

So newly diagnosed parent, this is for you. I hope it helps:

Beaudin’s journey on the caringbridge page.