On harvesting lavender. 

I’ve always enjoyed gardening and plants, but I wouldn’t consider horticulture a hobby.  Each year on Mother’s Day, my mom and I spend the day together filling planters and pots around our yards with an assortment of flowers: my mom explaining which ones trail, which need full-sun, which will last though the dead heat ofContinue reading “On harvesting lavender. “

Thank google, for my midwife.

I thoughtlessly committed to the 55-minute drive to Anita’s new office. Although thinking ahead to week 36 and the drive becoming a weekly event, 2-hours round trip, did seem like I was setting myself up for trouble. What could be done. I had two babes, Anita was midwife to both, 1+1=2, every time.   Josh askedContinue reading “Thank google, for my midwife.”

God Math: How to half sorrow.

My story tells of surviving grief by way friendship. Lines unintentionally written, a plot that unfolded in circumstance without planning. Friends carried my weight when I could carry nothing. Friends were God’s hands and feet in the valley.  A reflection of the help from my friends: A friend called me the morning after, the morning IContinue reading “God Math: How to half sorrow.”